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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival – The Green Edition

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival – The Green Edition

That’s right – the Green Edition of The Carnival of Homeschooling is up and ready for your reading pleasure!

With the green starting to bloom all around, so many of us are having Green {spring} Fever. Energy levels are rising, attention spans are shortening, and the little people {and the big people, alike} are itching to get outdoors. God’s world is bursting with freshness! Let it energize you. Use this restless energy to mix things up a bit. Add a few outdoor field trips to the calendar, take the books outdoors, or schedule a picnic lunch in the backyard to help break up the day. What better time for a nature study, eh?

HSingBlogCarnivalLogo homeschoolingPosts include “Earthquake and Tsunami Unit Study and Lapbook,” “The Recurring Aviary Experience,” “In the Garden with Children,” and “Meal Plan: Good Cheap Eats for Two Weeks,” among many others.

This week, Parent at the Helm contributed “John Taylor Gatto In The Homeschooling Book of Answers.”

Whether you’re new to homeschooling, a veteran, or just thinking about it, The Homeschooling Blog Carnival provides you with a wonderful eclectic mix of bloggers with lots of experience, sure to make you laugh, think, or run to share with your friends!


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