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Monday May 20th 2024

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10 Quick and Useful Fun Learning Tips

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10 Quick and Useful Fun Learning Tips

from Linda Dobson, to have fun with your child!

1. Explain the car’s odometer and the gas gauge—and how many miles per gallon the car gets. See if he can help figure out where the gas gauge will wind up when you go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving.

2. Talk about an election and take your child to the voting booth.

3. Help your child to find a friend somewhere in the world with whom she can communicate in writing.  Pen pal or e-pal, your child will love getting mail from abroad and will be eager to sit down with you as a learning coach and parent to see what is being said by the new friend. Help explain new words to the child.  Ask her to spell the words and pronounce them.

4. Stay up late (or get up early) and watch the lunar eclipse, shooting stars, or the harvest moon.

trees child5. Identify the trees in your backyard, neighborhood, and community.

6. Make a list with your child of homonyms, English words that sound the same but may be spelled differently: e.g. deer and dear; rein and rain; bear and bare; and so on.  Make a game out of it with other family members to see who can get the most combinations.

7. Perform a family fire drill.  Let your child run it and be the pretend Fire Marshall.

8. Explain recycling. Maybe there’s a way you can do it even if your town doesn’t.  Show your child how to redeem soda cans for money, and help him do so.

9. Ask questions just for fun:

  • What do you suppose is the (longest, shortest, heaviest, lightest) (animal, plant, planet, fish, person) in the world?  How will we find out?
  • If you could have dinner with a famous (artist, inventor, president, sports hero, musician) past or present, who would you choose?  What would you talk about?
  • If you had to be a bug, which would you be?

10. Discuss news topics everyone is familiar with:

  • New movies
  • The latest video game or toy
  • Performance of sports teams and upcoming games
  • Latest scientific discoveries

For more fun with your child, see also “Resources Aplenty: Water Science”



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