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Friday April 19th 2024

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Welcome to Mardi Gras at the Homeschooling Blog Carnival!

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Welcome to Mardi Gras at the Homeschooling Blog Carnival!

Just in time for Mardi Gras, this week’s Homeschooling Blog Carnival is hosted by the folks at the “Time4Learning” blog.

“It’s Mardi Gras!! That means it is time to celebrate!! (Did that Kool and the Gang song just pop into your head, too??) And when it comes to homeschooling our kiddos, there are all KINDS of things to celebrate, so pull out your masks, throw on your beads, and get ready for the parade to begin….

HSingBlogCarnivalLogo homeschooling blog carnivalThe Homeschooling Blog Carnival parade is about to begin…

And as the parade begins, you’ll celebrate some of the best of homeschooling – reading, learning new things, “the finish line,” home, fun, and freedom via more than a dozen blog posts lending information, resources and encouragement.

This week, Parent at the Helm shared Linda Dobson’s “6 Reasons States Shouldn’t Balance State Budgets with a Carrot to Homeschool,” found under the “Celebrate Freedom” heading.

With your mask and beads ready, get set to enjoy the writers who are more than ready to celebrate homeschooling with you!




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