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Monday May 20th 2024

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Home Educator’s Family Times Shares The Art of Education

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Home Educator’s Family Times Shares

The Art of Education

We are so grateful to Jane Boswell, editor of one of the longest existing homeschooling magazines, Home Educator’s Family Times, for her coverage of Linda Dobson’s 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self. (Be sure to visit at the link to get your free subscription to this terrific publication.)

The Art of Education Home Educator'sHome Educator’s Family Times Focuses on “Addicted to Experts”

Jane chose to excerpt a section of the book titled “Addicted to Experts.” The section outlines how our schooling prepares us to value the opinions of experts in our lives, which makes us that much more likely to run to an expert in times of trouble, instead of relying on our own self-awareness and self-knowledge to solve our problems/challenges ourselves.

“Addicted to Experts” ends with a list of four criteria to help you evaluate the usefulness of any opinion, product, or service presented to you.

Thank you so much Jane Boswell and Home Educator’s Family Times for all you continue to provide to the homeschooling community; you’ve made it a richer place for all of us!

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