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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Who Gets the Next Stylish Blogger Award?

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Who Gets the Next

Stylish Blogger Award?

First, a great big thank you to “The Unplugged Mom,” aka Laurette Lynn, for bestowing upon Parent at the Helm the coveted Stylish Blogger Award. I’m grateful and tickled pink that you thought of us!

The “rules” that accompany this great honor are to divulge seven things about me, and then pay the Stylish Blogger Award forward to fifteen other blogs. First here’s what you may file under “TMI” and, honestly, I wouldn’t blame you…

1. I rarely eat sugary treats that don’t contain chocolate (the darker the better).
2. While we were on TV, Diane Diamond asked my son if anyone ever told him he looks like Ethan Hawke. When we got home he went on the Internet to show me who Ethan Hawke is. I still think my son is better looking.
3. My first grade teacher wrote a letter to my parents that began, “Linda is a very unusual child.”
4. I sang in the church youth choir.
5. Sometimes I get so filled with gratitude for the life my family and I get to live I feel as if I might burst with joy.
6. When my first granddaughter was born, my offer to help placed me at the doc’s right shoulder in a front row seat to witness her birth.
7. I love tomatoes.

Stylish blogger award

And now I will award each of the following fifteen blogs with their very own Stylish Blogger Award and recommend that you all check them out (links provided)! I’m certain my colander brain has forgotten someone who should be included and so I apologize for having only 15 awards to hand out. Given the routine here, though, I’m quite certain that every blogger I read and admire will eventually receive one!

Stylish Blogger Award Recipients

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*Bloggers mentioned, now you must snag the image and pay it forward too 🙂

Thank you, Laurette, for sending the Stylish Blogger Award in my direction so I may pass it on this way.

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Who Gets the Next Stylish Blogger Award?”

  1. LOL @ #3!!! Reminds me of my exasperated Kindergarten teacher telling my Mother "Laurette simply does not do what she is told!"

    Rock on Linda… I continue to be grateful for all of your work! 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading – and for understanding! – Laurette!

  3. Oh my, a friend told me about this, and wow – what an honor, Linda! And now I feel sheepish because I haven't been blogging for the last couple of weeks, I've been out in the wilds of Alaska following sled dog teams on the Yukon Quest! Guess this is a good indication that I'd better get back to work, eh? 🙂

  4. Hey, Helen, I knew you were off in the wild, that's why I sent a note to Mark (sorry if I'm getting you in trouble, Mark!). Glad it makes you happy, and will be glad to see you get back to work…congrats!

  5. Susan Ryan says:

    What fun, Linda. Thank you. Wish I'd been in the wilds of Alaska with the Yukon Quest. Our hotels are getting filled up with legislators from the east and north of us while we're trying to get our legislators straightened out about what's what regarding IL homeschoolers. Guess it is sort of like the wilds.

  6. […] I'm looking up and offering an appreciative thank you to Linda Dobson at Parent at the Helm, who  honored me with the Stylish Blogger […]

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