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Friday August 12th 2022

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Tiger Mom Talk

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Tiger Mom Talk

By Debbie Harbeson

“Hey John, have you heard any of this talk about tiger mom? Don’t you think it’s silly how humans always compare our behavior to animals’?”

“Whoa, did you see that? Carl Edwards just crashed into the wall on the third turn. He’s going to be mad as a hornet!”

“I wonder if tiger moms have to have orange and black fur.”

TigerCartoon Tiger Mom“What’s that, you want a fur? No way, too expensive.”

“You’re right. What would be the point anyway? It’d be way too hot wearing one while playing computer games with the kids. ”

“Yeah, plus you always say you don’t look good in stripes.”

“I wonder if Tony the Tiger has any relevance to tiger moms. I always liked his voice. It’s Grrreat! And so manly, I mean tigerly. Did I ever tell you I had a dream about him once? He fed me cereal and said he’d always be my sugar daddy.”

“What the -? Why are you telling me that? Is it because of that Jessica Rabbit thing? That was years ago and I said I’m sorry.”

“No, thinking about tigers just made me think of him that’s all.”

“Can you think somewhere else so I can watch this race?”

“Hey, isn’t Tony Stewart known as Tony the Tiger? I wonder if he had a tiger mom. Do you know if his mom made him practice the piano for three hours a day?”

“Not unless it had wheels and an engine. Tony is  just doing what he loves. Can you get out from the TV please?”

“Oh you’re right, I got distracted again. I wonder if tiger moms get distracted easily by cartoon characters and unshaven NASCAR drivers. I did hear that tiger moms believe nothing is fun until you’re good at it.”

“Well, that does count you out.”


“Don’t get cranky. I just meant that you and the kids were always having fun just exploring new interests.”

“Oh. You know, that reminds me of when we were playing indoor soccer. We always had fun doing that.”

“Yeah and we were horrible. But we had fun.”

“Maybe I’m more of a Tigger mom.”

“You do bounce around a lot. Now, can you bounce off somewhere else so I can finish watching this race?”

Oh, the most wonderful thing about tigger moms is I’m NOT the only one!

Tiger Mom

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