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Saturday June 25th 2022

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#homeschool Daily: A New Service from Parent at the Helm

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# homeschool Daily: A New Service from Parent at the Helm

As Internet information sources multiply daily, it’s becoming increasingly time-consuming to keep up with all of the homeschool sites you’d like to check.

Parent at the Helm is happy to announce we’re providing a new homeschool service that will save you lots of time!

Allow me to introduce you to #homeschool Daily, a daily (yes, daily!) round-up of dozens and dozens of headlines from blogs and news sources of interest and use to homeschool families and all parents. Yes, you’ll find homeschooling and education, right along with parenting, health, technology, and business, too.

The easiest way to receive #homeschool Daily is to follow the link above to the paper’s location on the Internet, and sign up for the RSS feed to receive notification in your e-mail box each day. (Yes, that easy!) If you’re a tweeter, you can also follow parentatthehelm on Twitter and receive an announcement as each issue is updated.

ChangeAhead homeschoolWould you like your blog related to homeschool and parenting included in #homeschool Daily?

#homeschool Daily is a work in progress, and there’s nothing we’d like more than to see it grow. If you have a blog related to homeschool, or to parenting and of interest to homeschool parents, all you need to do is go to Twitter and sign up to follow #parentatthehelm. We’ll review, as quickly as possible, the sign-ups in order to include those sites with information most pertinent and useful to homeschool families.

We really hope this new news tool helps to save you precious time so you have more time to spend having a great homeschool time with the kids!

Copy the code below to your web site.

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  1. If I already follow you on Twitter, do I have to do it again for you to review my blog?



  2. Sorry, Linda, forgot to say, This looks really cool. I'm looking forward to receiving it.

  3. Hi, Carol,

    You're good. I'm going to send you an email.



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