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Saturday January 28th 2023

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Snow or Rain; Cool Online Learning Resources

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Homeschoolers are terrific at both creating and finding online learning resources to use in their homes where learning happens everyday. When bad weather closes schools, other families can get a taste of the fun way to learn, too!

This post shares just a few of the plethora of online learning resources that everyone’s kids can enjoy rain or shine, but especially snow and ice. Oh, and did I mention many of them are free?

Home Education Resources – while some of the fun resources on this site come with a price tag, it’s not outrageous and supports the creation of even more fun online learning resources. Enjoy some of the freebies, sorted by subject, and get a good taste of what may come with a few cool purchases.

Online Learning Resources SnowyWindowGlobal Online Learning Resources

Google Unveils Global Science Fair with National Geographic – Google’s been doing a great job getting large scale educational programs in place to inspire children, and this one sounds like no exception.

The next generation’s Albert Einsteins and Marie Curies got a chance to jumpstart their careers this morning with the debut of the Google Science Fair, an online competition that invites 13- to 18-year-olds to share their bright ideas, experiments, and observations with the world.

Representatives from Google, National Geographic, the LEGO group, CERN, and Scientific American gathered in Manhattan this morning to kick off the contest, which will remain open for submissions through midnight ET April 4, 2011. A panel of scientists and educators will select 60 semifinalists in May. 15 finalists winnowed from that group will travel to Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters in July for a celebratory event and live judging.

“If you win this competition,” said Samantha Peter, an Education Product Marketing Manager for Google, “we want to make sure you feel like the rock star of the science world.”

The grand prize-winning student or team will travel to the Gal√°pagos Islands, Darwin’s living laboratory, with National Geographic Expeditions aboard the National Geographic Endeavor. Other prizes include scholarships from Google, Android phones and Google Chrome notebooks, opportunities to spend time at Google and CERN research labs in Switzerland, a year-long virtual internship with the LEGO MINDSTORMS R&D team, an internship shadowing the editor of Scientific American magazine, and more.

Oh, and some serious exposure and bragging rights.

Children’s Storybooks Online Billed as illustrated children’s stories for kids of all ages, lots of free, fun reading awaits all of your children, no matter their ages. If your child doesn’t feel like reading, these online learning resources also include coloring pages, puzzles, quizzes, games and riddles.

National Geographic’s Puzzle PageLike puzzles? Go here. Nothing more needs saying.

Learn 4 Good РFree access to hundreds of educational games, activities, worksheets, lessons &  top schools websites for all Kids including teens.

And, in case the bad weather insists on hanging around for a couple of days, don’t forget to visit Punksutawney Phil at his very own website, Groundhog Day. (Not the movie.)

See also Parent at the Helm's Resource Page section for additional learning materials reviewed by Becky Rupp

Don’t forget, exercise is important, too (as is a well-timed cup of hot chocolate!), so take frequent breaks from your online learning resources to build snowmen and other terrific art activities!

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