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Sunday June 9th 2024

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Parents, It’s Time to Consider Your Educational Choices

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Parents, It’s Time to Consider Your Educational Choice

I ran across Gerald Celente and the work of the Trends Research Institute back when homeschooling was in its infancy and the Institute predicted the growth of this educational choice would continue. They were right.

That growth, I suspect, will today and in the foreseeable future be additionally fueled by the economic condition of this country. On top of the burgeoning federal deficit, several states are in budgetary turmoil, some teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Because the cost – and therefore control – of public schools has over decades been increasingly wrestled away from the locals by state governments and, with the formation of the U.S. Department of Education, the federal government, the school system from Podunk to New York City and every place in-between will suffer. (Of course, it doesn’t help when some Indiana school board members make $1 million promises to retiring superintendents – whoops! Should have read the fine print of all of those documents!)

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Parents Are Already Considering Educational Choice

Educational choice BankruptParents are already considering educational choice; Austin, TX is one of the first. Austin, a city often found on top of the many surveys of “best places to live,” is closing schools. A recent news report titled “Parents Consider Ditching Public School: Families Facing School Closures Weigh Options” reveals what parents everywhere may soon deal with – educational choice when the public school is gone.

As organized parent groups continue a very public fight to keep their children’s Austin schools open, there is an underground discussion brewing.

“A lot don’t want to talk about it, but everyone is thinking about it,” said Robin, who has a fourth grade son at Barton Hills Elementary.

She and others are checking into other options for their children beyond traditional public education: private schools, charter schools and homeschooling.

One parent, stating the school shut down is devastating, shares, “It really does make you rethink anything.” For many, the educational choice is the local private school. But, learn from Austin parents: the private school already has a waiting list.

Find Your Plan B Educational Choice Now

To ensure the smoothest transition for your child(ren) if the same situation hits your local school, now is the time to think about what your family will do when the school shuts down or removes the last remaining vestiges of an educational experience. How much will your child do without? Many schools are cutting budgets by removing art and music classes, doing away with recess and classes for the gifted, and much more. Since many charter schools exist on a charter with a local government-financed school, they may or may not be a good educational choice as they are subject to similar economic stress.

If you don’t know much about homeschooling, a viable educational choice, it would be wise to check into it now. Your local library should have some books on the topic. If not, a request for inter-library loan should provide you with some titles from which to choose. If you prefer to purchase the books, offers an impressive collection. You may be surprised to find that not all homeschoolers do “school at home,” and find that the homeschooling lifestyle provides these families with many benefits they never even imagined were possible.

I’d recommend a very good, close look at homeschooling, and an honest look at what your family could do to accomplish this way of life. Why? Remember the Trend Research Institute? They also forecast the revolts that are right now happening in Turkey and Jordan, as well as the financial difficulties of Greece, Ireland and Italy. Due to the underlying causes of inflation, unemployment, and some of the first effects of a global food crisis, the Institute additionally anticipates similar revolts occurring in the United States. Homeschooling as your Plan B educational choice may keep you from having to have a Plan C.

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