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Thursday October 6th 2022

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Do You Know A Terrific Homeschooling Navigator?

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Do You Know A Terrific Homeschooling Navigator?

I couldn’t help but notice that as Parent at the Helm grows, gathered together are homeschooling parents with just about every reason for and method of homeschooling on the earth. This is the face of homeschooling that we should share with those who are thinking about homeschooling, and those who don’t quite understand the journey. So, this got me thinking – why not honor and tell others about a terrific homeschooling mom or dad each month?

Think about Your Homeschooling Friends and Family

Think about all of your homeschooling friends and family. Do you know someone who stays on course despite unexpected stormy seas? Someone who sees the winds changing, and easily re-sets the sails while accepting a minor detour as part of the journey? Is there someone who helps create fair winds and following seas for the other homeschooling families in the community, state or country? Is there a blogger whose journal inspires your journey, just when you need it most? Someone who can go down to the galley and make an entire fun learning experience out of minimal materials on hand? Do you know someone who will take your watch when you’re feeling kinda seasick? Throw you a life raft when you need one? Are you getting tired of the nautical analogies?

If you know someone like this among your homeschooling friends, then you know a

Homeschooling NavMonthPost

Since it’s already the end of January, we’ll start with a February, 2011 Homeschooling Navigator of the Month! And most importantly, we’ll keep this simple.

Your nomination will be published on Parent at the Helm. All you need to do is send Parent at the Helm a short piece (no more than 500 words) about your homeschooling friend’s story, and what makes her/him a great Homeschooling Navigator. Just e-mail your piece to info @ parentatthehelm dot com (with everything all together), with Homeschooling Navigator as the subject. I wish I could say there’s a $20,000 prize you’ll share with your friend – but I can’t. (Frankly, I can’t even say $20!) But, if your friend happens to be a blogger, we’ll have a nice button to place on the blog to let the world know how much you think of her/him. I guess someone who sews better than I could also take it and turn it into a nice embroidered piece, too.

I very much look forward to learning more about our readers, and hope you also let us know about your friends. Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with your friend turning around and nominating you. Your mother-in-law can nominate you, too!

Please feel free to start sending your nominations today. If there are enough right away, and we’ll get off the dock with our first Homeschooling Navigator at the beginning of February!

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