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Sunday April 14th 2024

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The “World School” Edition of Carnival of Homeschooling

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The “World School” Edition of Carnival of Homeschooling

It’s here; the perfect antidote to that cabin fever that weaves its insidious way into the lives of everyone, including (especially?) the lives of the homeschooling at this time of year!

The good folks at Homeschool Bytes, “cooped up in their house by the blowing snow and freezing temperatures,” put their imaginations to work and ask you, “Where in the world would you like to go today for school?” The answers permeate the wonderful contributions to this week’s Homeschooling Carnival.

“World School” Homeschooling

By visiting this week’s Homeschooling Carnival, you can find yourself studying animals or visiting Paris, the City of Love. You might take a trip to HSingBlogCarnivalLogo homeschoolingthe moon, or help speed up the arrival of spring by planting green things. Look into CLEP, or free high school math. And don’t forget to check out printable Valentine’s cards – it’s rapidly approaching!

Parent at the Helm’s Carnival of Homeschooling Contribution

This week, Parent at the Helm shared Linda Dobson’s response to the Tiger Mom nonsense flying around the Internet, “Why Homeschooling Mothers Are Superior,” and I’m thrilled to be in such wonderful company in the World School edition of the Homeschooling Carnival!

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