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Tuesday June 4th 2024

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Yow! Parent at the Helm Has Become Certifiable…

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Yow! Parent at the Helm Has Become Certifiable…

Have you seen the latest addition to Parent at the Helm home page, down at the bottom?
If you click on it, you’re taken to a page that tells you:

The Website, Parent at the Helm, is Green Certified! Parent at the Helm iPageGreenBadge2

iPage, an EPA Green Power Partner, certifies that the data centers and web servers supporting Parent at the Helm are powered by 100% wind energy.

What Makes Parent at the Helm a Green Website?

EPA Green Power Partnership

By choosing iPage’s web hosting solutions, Parent at the Helm has become a certifiably green website.

Though iPage doesn’t generate wind power directly, the company buys wind-generated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that are applied to the production of wind energy. The company purchases one credit for every KWH of electricity used, which includes the unlimited hosting plans iPage is known for.

iPage’s Bottom Line

With iPage, the same dedication to reliable hosting is applied to environmental responsibility. That means by hosting with iPage, Parent at the Helm has helped the company prevent the annual release of approximately 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, without sacrificing the functionality of their site. To put this number into perspective, the benefit is equivalent to planting nearly 2,390 acres of trees or preventing the environmental damage caused by 6.1 million miles of driving.

If you would like to take your blog or website green and join us, all you need do is click on the “Be Green” iPage box on the left of this page (and all of our post pages). By doing so, we receive a small stipend to help support Parent at the Helm, so we thank you very much for joining us in going green.

Just one more way Parent at the Helm is working for you and your family

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2 Responses to “Yow! Parent at the Helm Has Become Certifiable…”

  1. Hey, PATH, this is terrific! I'd never heard of this concept before. This means that you are not only certifiable, you're spreading the word. Very cool!

    xoxo to the Helmswoman!

  2. Thank you, Skipper Shay…I thought it was pretty neat-

    Thanks so much for writing!

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