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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Thank You for Your Patience from Parent at the Helm

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Thank You for Your Patience from Parent at the Helm

Well, Parent at the Helm sure seems to have been following Murphy’s Law lately! Just as we were enjoying the company of lots of new readers (waving a great big thank you and hello!), some how, some way, the blog decided it needed to be accessed only with the new addition of “www” to any attempts to connect. “Why” will likely remain a complete mystery, but the good news is that things have been switched around – some how – to make things work they used to. (I say some how because I don’t understand a lick of what was wrong or the repair!)

Any way, I’m now cautiously optimistic that instead of spending the weekend bent over computers fixing Parent at the Helm, we may actually be

Parent at the Helm


able to do all the fun things, like picking up groceries, laundry, cleaning…you know, all those fun things.

Parent at the Helm Technical Troubles

As I said, I’m just “cautiously” optimistic that we’ve seen the last of Murphy’s Law around Parent at the Helm. Please, if you experience any ongoing problems, if you would be so kind as to send an e-mail to, or tweet us @parentatthehelm, I sure would appreciate it. I know, it would interrupt the fun of cleaning, but somehow I’ll survive that.

Since things are working again, I’d just like to remind you that at the end of January, someone is going to win a copy of The Homeschool Reader in Parent at the Helm’s January Book Giveaway – it might as well be you!

Parent at the Helm Smile


You can register to win by sailing to the Giveaway page. Here you can read a little about the book, and then leave a comment – kind words make my day (but are not required for you to win)! Fellow bloggers who share the post at their blog and let me know receive two entries!

Enjoy your weekend, and a great big thank you for your patience from Parent at the Helm.

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