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Tuesday January 30th 2024

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival

“And the carnival? It went right out of my head some time between the screaming and wailing in the x-ray room (the baby cried, too), the police escorting a drunk driver in the hall, and the poor woman in the bed on the other side of the curtain  in our room who was strapped to a board to keep her head stable after a bad fall,  and who fruitlessly kept calling for help and finally got sick by herself before anybody would come and help her.

“Excuses all done with, and without further ado, here is the Homeschooling Carnival!  Get the kids settled and prepare to read the best Homeschooling BlogCarnivalLogohomeschooling magazine available, because it’s free and it was written largely by moms like you, homeschooling in the trenches.”

Where Is This Week’s Homeschooling Carnival?

You’ll find this week’s Carnival – ready for reading despite all of the challenges to get there! – at The Common Room.

Who: Retired Air Force, Homeschooling family who have finally settled down on property inherited from the DHM’s favorite uncle, whom we miss dreadfully.

Two parents, married forever and only to one another.
Seven Progeny.
Son-in-law, other son-in-law.
Adorable new grandbaby (as of 9/09), two more grand-babies on the way (one in December, one in March)
The dogs. A horse. Outdoor cat. A couple of beef still on the hoof.  Various other critters and livestock come and go.

What Will You Find at the Homeschooling Carnival?

Like lapbooking? It’s in there! And so are blog posts about Charlotte Mason, free pre-school games, homeschooling high school, London’s art museum, that wonderful half-point of the year, and much more. Parent at the Helm shared Linda Dobson’s “Say No to Homeschool Tax Breaks: The Bacon You Save May Be Your Own.”

As always, there’s lots of great reading at the Homeschooling Blog Carnival!

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