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Friday October 7th 2022

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Parent at the Helm’s 2011 Most Wanted List

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HappyNewYearHappy New Year 2011! We surely hope your holidays were terrific and left you ready to rock ‘n roll in the new year.

I took a bit of my R&R time to organize all those things that have been rolling around in the back of my head with regard to Parent at the Helm, and I figured the best thing to do was put out a “Most Wanted List” for you to read, because you may be just what I’m looking for!

Without further ado, here’s the list.

Book Giveaways

Have you written a book of interest to home/unschooling parents, or parents who are thinking about this option? If so, we’d be happy to consider lining it up for one of our monthly book giveaways in 2011, providing you with an additional opportunity to place your labor of love in view of just the people you want to know about your book!

Books for Review

Beth Balmanno has kindly agreed to provide Parent at the Helm readers with her terrific brand of book reviews. If you’d like Beth to add your book to her reading pile, let us know!

Product Reviewer(s)

Parent at the Helm is increasingly receiving offers to receive and review an eclectic mix of products. If you are an experienced writer/reviewer and would like to receive some of these offers, just give us a shout!

If you know someone who might benefit from this list, please feel free to share this post with him/her to let them know.

To contact us regarding all of the opportunities above:

Send e-mail to, letting us know which opportunity you’re interest in and some information about yourself and/or your book.

Newsletter Subscribers

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Thanks so much for reading and, again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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