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Friday May 24th 2024

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FL Homeschool Numbers growing fast

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MPj04465650000[1] From a post in this morning’s Orlando Sentinel:

Homeschooling continues to grow in Florida, says this report, compiled in October.  What I found a little   surprising is that homeschooling numbers are growing faster than they’ve grown in years.

Last school year, 60,913 kids studied at home — an increase of almost 8 percent over the previous year.

The article online contained two responses. They speak for themselves, Parents at the Helm:

As a public school teacher, I recommend to all my friends homeschooling or sending their children to private school. The time we waste teaching to the test has taken over the classroom. There is not a lot of real education in any public school classroom these days. I certainly would not let my child attend any Florida public school — even my own!”


“Very true. As long as we cater to the bottom 25% it makes home school a much more viable alternative. The old argument about missing some of the scope of their education is nearly obsolete…”

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2 Responses to “FL Homeschool Numbers growing fast”

  1. Mary says:

    How do they figure those numbers? Do they include charter school and virtual school students as 'homeschoolers'? Or is that a count of just independent homeschoolers?

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