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Thursday May 16th 2024

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Think Parent at the Helm When Buying Holiday Gifts

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Welcome to Shop&Support!

Where Parent at the Helm Gathers
Great Deals for YOU and Support for Parent at the Helm

Since the 1980′s, I’ve loved supporting and watching this community of engaged, informed parents grow. This is my home, where my heart wants to be. I would love to continue “doing what I love,” but at this point, “the money isn’t following.” I’m sure lack of marketing skills coupled with a lifelong reluctance to toot my own horn are contributing factors. And that’s why I need your help.

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When it's time to shop, please think Parent at the Helm

I hope you want Parent at the Helm to stay online as much as I do, which is why we did the research and then created this page called Shop&Support. Keeping with my personal philosophy, it seems like the best “win-win” situation.

Boiling it down, I guess you could say you can save Parent at the Helm by changing one small habit. Instead of heading directly to various websites when you shop, we ask that you simply begin at Parent at the Helm. We know you have a million places where you can shop. That’s why we’re working hard to help you by making Parent at the Helm “the place to go” when you shop online.

We’re working diligently to partner with companies that you like, and that offer QUALITY and VALUE. If you sail to Parent at the Helm each time you’re shopping online for gifts, items for your home, or vitamins, furniture, or aprons, we have a place you can go, including virtual department stores! Parent at the Helm needs your support to keep publishing, and we’ll receive a small stipend for your everyday and special purchases that will help us keep the information, support and news available that you’ve come to count on.

This will be a constant process for us, so if you have some suggestions of companies you like, please get in touch and share them so we can share your favorites with everyone! New opportunities will continually be added, including SALES!, so please check back often to find pleasant surprises. Contact us with your ideas at:

TWITTER – @parentatthehelm

FACEBOOK – Parent at the Helm

EMAIL – info at parentatthehelm dot com

Field of Dreams told us, “If you build it, they will come.” We’re quite excited about adding another service for you at our “online home.” We have built it, and extend to you a warm invitation to join us. Please, if you would, also tell your friends and family who may not even know Parent at the Helm exists. (They don’t have to read if they don’t want to; they just need to click Shop&Support!) Together we have all made homeschooling work and grow. Together we can also make Parent at the Helm work: You shopping with us is the best Christmas gift we can think of!

As always, thanks for your support, and please feel free to share your suggestions with us. We care, and we’re listening. Wishing a warm, family-filled, joy-filled holiday season for you and yours.


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