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Tuesday March 21st 2023

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Grandma Linda’s New Year Message

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We look forward to serving you as you chart your course through the new year and new decade ahead.

We look forward to serving you as you chart your course through the new year and new decade ahead.

I’ve been pondering a New Year message for all of the Parents at the Helm for about a week now. The most important thing I have to say is thank you so very very much for your early and generous support of our new effort. It’s our greatest wish that you share word of this effort with every parent you know, inclined toward homeschooling or not, as the health, happiness and education of all children is our concern.

If the growth in the number of subscribers to date is any indication, we will soon be even stronger as we connect through our common interests, common needs, and our common belief that parental involvement is essential to our children’s educational and life success.

On one hand, of course I want to wish you the warmest, healthiest, and happiest of New Years as we prepare to hang our new calendars.

On the other hand, the realist inside of me – the one who just can’t stop keeping an eye on trends as they unfold – has that tell-tale feeling in the pit of my stomach that “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” If my belly is right, it will become more important than ever, at least in our lifetimes, to work together to see to it that children are spared the negative impacts of unfolding events as much as possible so they may continue following their interests and passions to life-affirming families and careers of their own.

On the other hand (yes, I’m allowed three hands because I’m borrowing one of Sailor Dude’s) and in the end, I know that Parents at the Helm have what it takes to remain warm, healthy, and happy despite whatever darkness may be going on around us. You are intelligent, invested, and informed; self-sufficient, self-aware, and self-responsible. You possess what you need to weather storms and safely guide your family to your desired destination.

We have some exciting changes and additions coming up for Parent at the Helm in the very near future. Of course I want to share them all with you right now, but Sailor Dude’s cool head convinced me to hold out a little longer – loose lips sink ships, I guess. <g> Suffice it to say that we are working triple-time to gather the provisions you want for informed decisions about your family’s education journey. We look forward to serving you as you chart your course through the new year and new decade ahead.

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2 Responses to “Grandma Linda’s New Year Message”

  1. Helen says:

    Happy New Year to you and your Sailor Dude, Linda, from me and my Sailor Dude! We're really looking forward to 2010 and we're excited about the developments you're unfolding here at Parent At The Helm!

  2. Thank you, Helen! And BTW, I already told Mark I really like Home Education Magazine's new look – congrats!

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