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Friday October 7th 2022

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival – The Tryptophan Edition

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HSingBlogCarnivalLogoWhat a fun way to put forth lots of great reading about homeschooling as the holiday season is upon us. Over at Apollos Academy, this week’s carnival host, we’re told, “And we are not the only ones to be suffering from Tryptophan-Effected-Homeschooling.” You’ll have to sail over to find out why!

This week, Parent at the Helm shared “Holidays Highlight the Family Lifestyle” by yours truly because “holidays take families out of the norm for a bit, providing opportunity for families to place special activities and holiday requirements above the norm. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold.”

On behalf of all the contributors, we thank you for taking a slice of time out of your busy schedule to come sit with us for a while at this week’s Homeschooling Blog Carnival.

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