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Friday March 31st 2023

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Parent at the Helm Nominated for Best NEW Homeschooling Blog 2010

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hsbawards10-nominee125Now that the national elections are over, I’ll bet you thought you’d get a break from folks asking you to vote for them. Well, you’re almost there. [g]

Parent at the Helm is nominated for Best NEW Homeschooling Blog 2010 in The Homeschool Post’s annual homeschooling blog awards contest. I’ve been committed to reaching out to parents who are either thinking about homeschooling or just beginning their journey for decades, and Parent at the Helm, my latest labor of love, is poised to help many more in the upcoming months as the public school system continues to experience crisis after crisis.

Without a crystal ball, I don’t know if winning this award will help in this effort, but it’s my hope it will expose just one more family to the value and benefits of homeschooling, and keep one more child from having to experience public schooling’s negative effects. Here are a couple of comments left at “the voting booth” by longtime, fellow homeschooling advocates:

Linda Dobson learned all about homeschooling while raising her children in the New York state education trenches during the 80′ and 90′s. That state was not an easy state to homeschool in but Linda persevered and plowed the way for thousands of other families. She was courageous and instrumental in making homeschooling mainstream there and across the country. Today Linda could sit back and rest on her laurels but she continues to save American families and is still a leader in the homeschool community. Go, Linda, go!

~ Cindy Wade (VT),

Linda has enormous experience in the world of homeschooling, having homeschooled her own family, done research, authored books on the subject, written columns for Home Education Magazine, been involved in political activism, spoken at conferences, and been all around supportive. She’s put together a very nice blog with lots of ongoing helpful information.

~ Lillian Jones (CA),

Linda’s blog has been very helpful to us!

~ Barbara DeVoe

Voting is easy, but it ends at midnight (central time) on November 18, so there isn’t much time to get over there! Simply sail to The Homeschool Post, read the brief rules, then scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find a list of award categories. Click on Best NEW Homeschool Blog where you’ll find a list of all of the nominees. We’re listed as “Parent(s) at the Helm.” You then click on the circle next to the name, submit, and you’ve voted!

If you have enjoyed and shared with friends the research shared on Parent at the Helm, I’d appreciate if you’d let those friends know they can help Parent at the Helm, too.

I fully realize that you are a very busy person, and appreciate it if you would please take just a couple of minutes to vote for Parent at the Helm as the best new homeschooling blog in 2010. If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

Thank you.


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