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Saturday June 25th 2022

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Coming Soon: Parent at the Helm Book Reviews!

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Maybe it’s because I’m an author or because I so love to read that since the inception of Parent at the Helm (PATH) I’ve been chomping at the bit to include book reviews for our readers. Well, folks, I am chomping no longer!

While at the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance conference, I mentioned to their board president, Beth Balmanno, that Tammy Takahashi had recently queried as to whether or not PATH did book reviews. I lamented my lack of time to engage in the endeavor when I knew it would be such an important resource for you, our readers. While she expressed interest, Beth wanted a night to sleep on her immediate response to volunteer.

I’m happy to report that even after thinking about it, Beth agreed to fill the role as book reviewer! We need to give her some time to read Tammy’s book (yes, Zen Homeschooling will be our premier book review!), but in the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to Beth:


Beth Balmanno is the President of Minnesota Homeschooler’s Alliance (MHA), her state’s only inclusive homeschool organization, and mom to three spirited home learners. A longtime homeschool advocate, she divides her time between advocating and supporting homeschoolers throughout the state and spear-heading local activities (co-op classes, 4-H, Girl Scouts) for her children and friends.

She is an avid reader and writer, with articles published in The Grapevine, MHA’s quarterly newsletter, and online as the Homeschool Reporter for Minneapolis’s

When she isn’t planning and coordinating a plethora of homeschool activities, she loves to spend her time traveling – literally – off the beaten path with her kids.

Beth can be reached at

I hope you’ll join us in giving Beth a rousing welcome to the Parent at the Helm crew!

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