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Sunday November 27th 2022

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival: Tuesdays Are for Reading!

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HSingBlogCarnivalLogoThank goodness for the Homeschooling Blog Carnival! Each week, you receive a gift of terrific reading on Tuesday. Today, you’ll find it at Spirittibee. The edition is called “School Rooms and the Places We Learn.”

If you’re wondering what a Blog Carnival is, here’s the explanation located at the beginning of this week’s:

Just what is a Carnival? A carnival is just a blog post – but it has the fingerprints of many bloggers… links to the best posts of all those who choose to participate, in fact. Anyone who has something to add to the homeschool community – whether informative, uplifting, humorous, or crafty… anyone who has something to say about educating kids in a homeschool friendly way can join in and be a voice in the Carnival of Homeschooling. Each of us has a perspective of value to offer! We all have something wonderfully varied and interesting to add to the homeschool blogosphere. So if you are new to the carnival scene, browse through these posts and read what other homeschoolers have to say… then check out the bottom of this post to see how you can join in (maybe next time?).

Parent at the Helm shared Linda Dobson’s “Special Report: U. S. Schools Embracing Technology?” this week. We hope you enjoy this and all of the offerings gathered in one convenient location for your reading pleasure.

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