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Friday July 31st 2020

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Voice of America Feature on Homeschooling

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By Linda Dobson


An old-fashioned, one room schoolhouse in Iowa (Library of Congress)

The article titled “Education Begins at Home in Many U.S. Households: Homeschooling has broadened to include parents of all faiths” by Ted Landphair contains this caption under one of the historic Library of Congress photos used to illustrate the article: “The idea that one parent, or even both, make the best teachers, and home makes the best classroom, has long been accepted in many parts of America.”

Sound like it’s a positive homeschooling article? You bet! I encourage you to read it for yourself (as always!), but here are a few quotes to stir your curiosity…

…an estimated 1.5 million American children – about 3 percent of the school-age population – won’t be going anywhere as schools open for the fall term.

Adults who choose to stay home and teach their children often object to standardized testing and what they see as the regimented way in which schools group students by age rather than ability, and pass them ahead to the next grade whether or not they’ve grasped the material.

And it ends on this positive note:

Home-schooling parents dispute the notion that their children are socially isolated and bookish.  They are, the parents say, simply hard workers who go to scout and church meetings, play sports, and shop at malls right alongside their friends who go to school.

Grandma at the HelmParent at the Helm became aware of the article when contacted by Mr. Landphair regarding the cartoon we use to represent “Grandma Linda.” Here’s his take on the pic: “This woman at the wheel symbolizes parents who give up paid outside work to stay home and teach their children. The drawing is a logo of a home-schooling website called Parent at the Helm.”

Not exactly what I would have said, but it’s already generating international interest in what Parent at the Helm is all about, and we think it’s a good thing. Voice of America allows for comments regarding articles, so please consider heading over there to show them homeschoolers are glad for such wonderful coverage. Who knows, maybe there will be more!

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