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Friday August 12th 2022

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Book Giveaway Winner and Homeschooling on Cafe Mom!

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Parent at the Helm August Book Giveaway Has a Winner!

Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything

By Laura Grace Weldon


That’s right, Parents at the Helm…we have yet another winner in our terrific book giveaways!

After much interest in Laura’s terrific book, one of the registrants doesn’t have to buy it. [g] And that person is:


Lindsay will watch for an email asking for information to get her copy delivered. In the meantime, stay tuned because the Parent at the Helm September Book Giveaway is just about ready to hit the presses. (Hint: This one is actually written by a male! 🙂 )


As I recently announced, I’m spending this week over at Cafe Mom answering questions about homeschooling. I’m told that of all the “experts” that have been on there, homeschooling drew the largest number of questions of any topic! It warms my heart that there are also many many moms (haven’t seen a dad yet, but I haven’t given up hope!) that have very young children and are starting homeschooling right out of the gate – hooray for their kiddos!!

Just click the link provided to sail on over, read what’s going on, and maybe even post your own question. If you do, you’ll be automatically entered to win a copy of my book, The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas, chock full of easy, cheap, and fun learning activities submitted by actual homeschooling families around the world – kid tested and mom approved! Also, please share the link with anyone you might know who is interested in learning more about homeschooling for their own family. I think it’s really helpful that will see many other parents share their same questions and anxiety. And hopefully, my constantly telling everyone to relax will help at least some of them to do so. [g] But hurry, it all ends this Friday!

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