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Sunday April 14th 2024

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Aid Package Is Law: Saved Jobs Cost $86,666 Each

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I had just shared the following quote on Parent at the Helm’s Facebook page:

‎”To be free from convention is not to spurn it but not to be deceived by
it. It is to be able to use it as an instrument instead of being used
by it.” ~ Alan Watts in The Way of Zen

Then I read the headline in the Los Angeles Times:

$26-Billion Aid Package for States Becomes Law.”

gavelSo much for my Zen calm. It would be a lot easier for me not to spurn convention if it would stop insisting – by law – that it use you and me and our collective grand- and great-grandchildren.

What’s another $26 billion when a large chunk of it will maintain the status quo in government schools? It’s actually about $86,666 per teacher/administrator job saved, likely for one whole ten-month school year. Then what? How expensive does the convention of government schooling need to get, and how poorly must it perform, before we say it’s antiquated, obsolete, and failing? There are plenty of parents out there now who know there are better ways to educate children at a fraction of the price – it’s time to listen to them.

Political representatives, I am not deceived by convention, so how about this? Put an end to the convention of robbing Peter to pay Paul and spending my granddaughters into a life devoid of the pursuit of happiness, and I’ll stop spurning. Deal?

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