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Sunday June 9th 2024

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New Life for Yogurt Cups

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YogurtCupsYou’ve enjoyed the yogurt, and now you’ve got this neat little plastic cup. It’s not built to last forever, but it’s built well enough not to throw it away just yet. So what can you do with your collection? (Yes, I’m assuming you have a collection because I always had one.)
A reader of This Old House, Mark Feroglia, shares 10 great ideas to get them out of the cabinet and back to work!
Here are 4 of them; read Mark’s piece at the link above for all of them!

# Sort Hardware: use containers as holders for screws, bolts and other small parts when doing repairs.

# Catch Paint Drips: cut a hole in a yogurt lid large enough for a paintbrush handle. Stick the paintbrush through for a mess-free painting job.

# Make a Ice-pop Mold: fill a cup halfway with fruit juice and cover with aluminum foil. Slit a hole in the foil big enough to stick a popsicle stick through and freeze.

# Create a Funnel: cut a hole in the container’s bottom for funneling small amounts of sand or liquid.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Jacki – I always say Parent at the Helm has the smartest readers on the Internet. All best to you and yours!

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