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Sunday August 7th 2022

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The 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education for Bloggers and Publishers for Review

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I’m happy to report that everything is moving along swimmingly as we prepare for the July 4th release of The 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education as an e-book!

We’re excited because the book turns out to be even more relevant today than it was 15 years ago, especially in terms of parents who are worried about their children’s education. The Art of Education provided a map to parents who were ready to accept in their own hands the responsibility for their children’s education. And now, there’s another whole group of new parents ready to receive the message that they can do it, too.

This post is especially for bloggers, magazine and e-zine publishers, and website publishers who focus on homeschooling, unschooling, education, and parenting issues. If you would be willing to review The Art of Education in/on your publication on or about July 4th, we’d love to send you the pdf to do so! If you’re into giveaways on your blog, we can arrange that, too. Just send an e-mail to, or write a comment on this post. I am keynoting the Utah Home Education Association conference this weekend, but will get back to you just as soon as I possibly can.

If you don’t happen to be a blogger but know someone who is, we’re grateful for your support in letting that person know The Art of Education is available for review.

As you may be aware, this was the first book I wrote. I never would have guessed that all these years later I’d be just as excited waiting for the release of the 15th anniversary edition as I was before! It’s because I know the love and empowerment inherent in living the learning lifestyle, and still want to share it with as many families as possible. It’s sheer joy helping them take the homeschooling journey toward a stronger, happier, well-educated family.

We very much welcome your input and help in achieving this common goal.

About The Art of Education

The Art of Education

You, too, can find the courage to trust your child and yourself to take the homeschooling journey and create a stronger, happier, well-educated family along the way.

Is your child unmotivated, bored, or stressed by attending government schools? Is your child gifted or special needs? Are you worried that what passes for education today appears to little more than test-taking and political agendas? Are you tired of the school schedule dictating your family’s lifestyle?

The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self provides a profound and thorough explanation for why homeschooling is so desperately needed by so many families today. Fifteen years after it was originally written, educational problems Dobson warned about have reached crisis proportions. The Art of Education clearly shows the changes that need to take place in the way we rear our children in order to stop the unraveling of our spiritual and intellectual fiber.

A bonus: Includes a thought-provoking Foreword by John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year and author of The Underground History of American Education.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “The 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education for Bloggers and Publishers for Review”

  1. Helen says:

    We're excited to know this wonderful book will be available as an e-book to a whole new generation of parents searching for alternatives for their kids!

  2. Thanks so much, Helen – my thoughts, exactly! There are so many unhappy parents and kids being driven to distraction by the system that it's heartbreaking. I really hope this helps!

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  4. rowena___. says:

    linda, i'd be pleased to review your book! thank you for making this book available to a new generation of homeschoolers.

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