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Thursday May 16th 2024

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Historic Homeschooling Magazine Giveaway Ends June 14!

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Truly a Once in a LIFETIME Opportunity!

Historic Homeschooling Magazine Giveaway

Ends June 14!


I have for many years and several moves hung on to “things” because, I thought, one day – when I am old and wise, rich and famous – I will create a homeschooling museum. My collection of things, of course, would become part of it.

While I managed to get older, wealth and fame have escaped me, and I am readying to take a sharp turn in my life on a great adventurous learning path that precludes me hanging on to my museum pieces. This is good news for you. (And I will share it inĀ  more depth very soon, I promise!)

I can’t say for certain that I possess the entire collection, but this is an Historic Homeschooling Magazine Giveaway of an insanely large number of issues of none other than America’s oldest and most trusted homeschooling magazine you know and love as Home Education Magazine (HEM for short, of course). As you may be aware, I have written for Home Education Magazine and served as columns editor since Truman was President (What? I know, but it’s only a small exaggeration!), and I wouldn’t have been there forever if I didn’t believe it’s the best product available out there – both yesterday and today. Think about what a GREAT gift these would make for someone just beginning to homeschool!

Here’s the deal. These issues have been kept in a filing cabinet inside a closet. I have them all out, but I apologize that I just don’t have time to go through them to confirm how complete, or even when they begin. I did see 1986 in there somewhere…which would mean we’re talking well over twenty years worth of timeless information, resources, and personal stories that can help anybody get started homeschooling, or support anyone who is already on the journey! My children used to fill in the cute little crossword puzzles and word games, so that’s in some of them. If I made any notes that might prove embarrassing, please cross them out before sharing with your friends. [g]

While the magazine collection is a perfectly free gift, I would ask that the winner cover the shipping, in the manner that you choose. Media mail is least expensive, but you cannot insure or track (just keep that in mind). For all mailing methods, a box cannot be over 70 pounds. I’m a terrible judge of weight, but it is possible that these would have to ship in two boxes.

If all of this sounds good to you, you probably want to know how to win this historic homeschooling magazine giveaway, right?

OK, it’s easy.

First, my adventurous learning path is going to make it challenging to stay in touch with you, so I’m asking people entering the contest to work on that angle with me – I don’t want to lose touch with anyone, and will work tirelessly to make sure that doesn’t happen. Not knowing just how “linked” anyone currently is to Parent at the Helm, please do one of the following that you don’t already do:

1. Follow Parent at the Helm on Twitter.

2. Become a “like” on Parent at the Helm’s Facebook page.

3. Follow Parent at the Helm on Networked Blogs (also on Facebook).

4. Follow Parent at the Helm via RSS feed (sign up on the home page of the website).

5. Follow Parent at the Helm via e-mail subscription (sign up on the home page of the website).

6. Only in the rare instance you already do all these things, state that you’re already everywhere!

Second, come back to this post, which will be accessible (until June 15) on the top horizontal bar of the website titled “Historic Giveaway.” Leave a comment stating where you signed up (Twitter, Networked Blogs, e-mail, etc.) and, if you’d like to say something nice about Parent at the Helm, well, we won’t censor you. [g]

Deadline is 11:59 pm EDT, June 14. On June 15, Randomizer will choose the winner! I will send an e-mail to the winner. Please be ready to rock ‘n roll, as I’m not allowing myself much time at all to take care of this! It will be tight, but I’ll feel so much better knowing this fine collection of homeschooling information – and history – will be used and appreciated. I just COULD NOT bring myself to toss them. And who knows? Maybe you’ll start that museum one day! This feels so much better, I think I’ll be able to cope with parting with them.

Please help us by letting your friends know about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a collection like this!


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