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Thursday July 2nd 2020

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How to Keep Romance in Your Budget

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How to Keep Romance in Your Budget

Submitted by: Kira @ Tip Hero  04/21/2010 5:58 PM
While trying to live a frugal life, there are undoubtedly some comforts that we learn to live without. Kevin over at perkstreet financial insists that romance not be one of those things that we let go. It is extremely important not to sacrifice the time you spend connecting with your spouse or significant other, as this can help contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

All you have to do is budget for romance. Set aside a certain amount of money each month that can only be used for dates (or outings with friends for all the single ladies…and men of course). Make it so that this money doesn’t roll over into the next month. That way, you are forced to spend that money on quality time.

Kevin and his wife only budget $20 a month on romance, and that has worked out pretty well for them. A nice, relaxing date at Starbucks is always a good option. You shouldn’t spend more than $10 there on your favorite latte or frappuccino, but you’ll get a nice atmosphere for conversation and reconnecting.

Here are some other cheap date night options that Kevin has come up with:

  • Try a wine tasting at your local winery
  • Go to a matinee movie (and leave the snacking for afterward)
  • Grab dessert at a place like Cheesecake Factory, or maybe a local bakery
  • Head to a minor league baseball game
  • Get concert or sport tickets to your local college, university, or high school

These things may not seem completely necessary while living frugally, but in the end, isn’t your relationship worth adding to your budget?

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