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Thursday July 2nd 2020

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UPDATE ON: In Texas, Bill White Counts Homeschoolers As Dropouts

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UPDATE: PARENT AT THE HELM just received a Twitter message from the Bill White for Governor peeps (sorry, with Twitter and all I couldn’t resist!). Anyway, Mr. White’s side of story is available for you to read, confirming the information that Laura Derrick immediately shared with our readers when she saw the story. Many thanks to both Laura and Mr. White’s people for keeping such a close eye on us!

Please don’t get lost in the politics. This story is shared because of its implications for all homeschoolers everywhere.

Bill White Counts Homeschoolers As Dropouts

* By Texas GOP Vote

In an interview on WBAP’s Mark Davis Show, Governor Rick Perry explained that the Texas high school dropout rate is 10%. However, Bill White recently lashed out, stating that it was closer to 30% partly due to homeschoolers. Bill White is either desperately trying to inflate the dropout numbers to make Perry look bad, or he actually believes that homeschooling is equivalent to dropping out of school. White’s spokesman goes on to describe how the state will track homeschooled children.

The last thing homeschool parents want is more government intrusion! Liberal propaganda in our public school systems is often the very thing homeschool parents are trying to escape by homeschooling their children. TexasGOPVote recently unveiled a handout passed out in an AP U.S. government class, which gave an extremely warped and biased explanation of the difference between liberals and conservatives. Maybe Bill White should focus on fixing issues like these, rather than attacking the homeschool community…

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “UPDATE ON: In Texas, Bill White Counts Homeschoolers As Dropouts”

  1. Laura Derrick says:

    It's amazing how things can get twisted! Bill White's comments were related to a problem in a number of districts where dropout numbers are hidden by reporting dropouts as homeschoolers when they are not. He believes schools should not push people into homeschooling, nor should they falsely report that they are homeschooling, when in fact they are dropping out. I agree with him.

  2. Ben Bennett says:

    This has been going on for over 4 years in Indiana. Go to and search RCS to read about a school board member calling their push out homeschoolers dropouts. The blame and accountability must be thrown back in the faces of the school Supers. For our part we must find the ex-schoolers and either help them homeschool or document their case so we can report the failure of the public schooles, not the failure of homeschooling. We get in their face or we lose.

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