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Sunday July 12th 2020

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Teacher Layoffs/Closures OK, WI, CT: Noticin’ a Trend Here?

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I’m so very eager to move on to other education-related topics, but my inbox keeps getting filled with these stories! I’m just going to give a brief synopsis here, because some readers may be affected by these continuing teacher layoff threats and may need to make other arrangements for the education of their children.


“Budget cuts are forcing administrators to make-do with 200 less teachers, meaning bigger classes in the fall,” states a KTUL story from Burt Mummolo.

“So far, roughly 100 teachers are expected to retire or leave voluntarily, leaving another 120 positions to vacate.”


School board leaders say those cuts will happen whether or not a school referendum passes next month.

We hear from the teachers union once again. Lynn Stockley, President of the Tulsa Classroom Association, expressed her concerns about class size growing by two or three students. “One of my big concerns is class size. I can tell you already that it’s a little misleading, the figures in the paper, when we say the class size is going to go up from 24 to 27 in a high school. I can assure you that we already have a lot of high school teachers that are already sitting there with 27 in their class.”

Stockley continues: “We are at the mercy of the legislators. It’s easy for them to say, ‘Oh you can just figure out a way to do it.’ They aren’t sitting in our classrooms. I don’t see anyone cutting their budget, but I see ours cut every single month.”

Mummolo shares, “Administrators say it will be six to eight weeks before they would consider any layoffs.”


This time we hear from radio station that:

The Stevens Point Area School Board is notifying 42 teachers that they could be laid off before the start of the next school year. 25 actually will be, as the district struggles to close a $4.5 million budget shortfall.

School board leaders say those cuts will happen whether or not a school referendum passes next month. District residents said ‘no’ to a larger referendum last fall. If the current measure fails, another $2.9 million will be eliminated.

All school administrators received similar layoff notices earlier this year, although it’s not clear how many might be let go before next fall.

The district is struggling with declining enrollment and less state aid.

WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – Layoffs and Two School Closures

Despite parent and teacher opposition, “the Board of Education tonight told 54 nontenured teachers they will be laid off next school year,” writes James Tinley for the New Haven (CT) Register.

This seems to me more than a little cold: “The soon-to-be laid off teachers (54) stood up as the school board chairman read their names and told them they were going to lose their jobs.”

Thompson and Anna V. Molloy schools will be closed.

“Superintendent of Schools Neil Cavallaro and Mayor John M.Picard are $6 million apart on their 2010-11 budget plans. Cavallaro requested a $7 million increase for the 2010-11 education budget, but Picard’s plan calls for only a $1 million increase. The City Council can still give Cavallaro the money he is requesting, but he has laid out much of his plan to shave the $6 million off his budget request.” The 54 layoffs close the gap.

“Cavallaro said he also plans taking other measures to trim spending, including laying off three administrators.”

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2 Responses to “Teacher Layoffs/Closures OK, WI, CT: Noticin’ a Trend Here?”

  1. Paul says:

    I don't care if you are left or right in politics, Americans feel education is priority now more than ever to maintain a future for America. How is laying off teachers when they are already short in supply (children to teacher ratio) benifical? Fairness means politicians should also take a pay cut (I heard they gave themselves a pay raise duri ng the recession), and have to fork up money for their own retirement just like all Americans. I bet you no one looked into this. Americans everywhere are taking paycuts/benifit loss, politicians should too.

  2. I, too, keep waiting for politicians on both sides of the aisle to realize what a statement it would be for them to do just this. But, as you say, they're giving themselves raises, instead.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write,


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