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Sunday January 29th 2023

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Good News: eBay Lifts Ban

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ebay_teachers_manualsWe’re happy to bring you good news about eBay purchases this morning! Well, apparently it isn’t new “news” – it’s more like news that has been kept secret since July.

eBay Lifts Ban on Teachers’ Manuals
By Ina Steiner
March 17, 2010
Some online sellers were surprised to learn that eBay had lifted a ban on teachers’ manuals on its marketplace. eBay imposed the ban in 2006, and, according to spokesperson Johnna Hoff, it lifted the ban in July 2009.

“eBay reversed our policy and began allowing teachers’ editions on the site last July. The community continued to tell us these textbooks were of value to them. In addition, should publishers have concerns about their materials being listed on the site, they have the option to use the appropriate process to let us know. After further review we came to a similar conclusion as the community: allowing these types of textbooks on eBay provides homeschooling teachers and parents an opportunity to access materials at a great value for their educational needs.”

eBay had not announced the reversal on its Announcement Board, and Ms. Hoff was not immediately able to tell AuctionBytes how the policy change had been communicated to users, many of whom had been unaware of the new policy until reading about it in AuctionBytes.

Amazon continues to ban teachers’ manuals, explaining in its policy statement, “Because solutions manuals and teacher’s editions of books are not intended for general use, such listings are prohibited on” However, many parents rely on such guides to help home-school their children.

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One Response to “Good News: eBay Lifts Ban”

  1. mrs dani says:

    The ban never made sense anyway. Generally speaking, very, very, few of the teachers manuals put up for auction were the kinds or versions used in the public schools anyway.

    Amazon does carry certain books…they are just not really aware of it. Or if they are, they know they are homeschooling books and so they ignore it and let it stay up. You have to be very specific in your search to find them.

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