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Sunday June 13th 2021

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True Cost of Public Education

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This three-minute clip on the true cost of public education comes from the Cato Institute.

About Cato Institute from its website:

The Cato Institute stands in defense of the traditional American principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. Cato’s scholars emphasize the due influence the Declaration of Independence and Constitution should have in the public policy debate and the importance of preserving the basic liberties that are the foundation of a free society.

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Reader Feedback

One Response to “True Cost of Public Education”

  1. Laura says:

    Ack! Of course it's important to have all the facts about the cost per pupil. But the Cato Institute is advancing their own political agenda. Their libertarian leanings are anti-government and pro business. They've been advocating for privatizing Social Security since the mid 90's (THAT would have been a great investment!) and debunking global climate change science, insisting that environmental protection laws hurt free enterprise.

    The Cato Institute, along with many other well-funded organizations, would like to see tax dollars flow to charter schools and other privatized options. The two major problems I see every time we privatize a formerly government run operation (from military interrogations to prisons) are these. First, the corporate entity taking over has a mandate to make a profit for shareholders. That money has to come from the people they serve or the taxpayers or both. Always painful. And second, the accountability isn't there due to laws protecting corporations as humans.

    As a homeschooler, I support free public schools over charter schools or e-schools any day. Cato Institute did a lovely job of revealing how expensive it is to school our nation's kids. I just wish they'd be as transparent by revealing their own agenda.

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