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Monday July 13th 2020

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Parent at the Helm Gets Mobile-Friendly

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MobileUserFor all of our mobile viewers, we’ve got great news for you today. Our brilliant Tech Department (one hard-working SailorDude), has upgraded us to include a mobile pack. This, I’m told, includes a mobile switcher, filtered widgets AND content adaptation for mobile device characteristics. There is also a selection of mobile themes by ribot, a top UK mobile design team and Forum Nokia.

And if that isn’t enough, Parent at the Helm will also be listed on mpexo, a directory of mobile-friendly blogs!

Is that cool or what?

(Seriously, is it cool? I don’t have the foggiest idea of the meaning of what I just wrote. Please let me know; and if you can explain it to me, I can impress SailorDude with my astounding knowledge at dinner one night.)

Please let us know if it’s made it easier for you and all the friends you’re telling about Parent at the Helm to climb on board. Thanks for your feedback!

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