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Wednesday April 3rd 2024

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SPEAKING UP for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves

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Provided in memory of Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz;

Provided in hope that it ends here.

ttuac boycott

In response to yesterday’s post containing links to information related to the deaths of children Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz, and the connection with the teachings of To Train Up a Child, I was contacted by folks at both TulipGirl and Linda V’s Web Page regarding the lengthy lists of information they have been compiling for some time. Rather than reinvent the wheel here at PATH, I’ve provided links to those sites; all you need to do is click on the names above for access.

In the meantime, the SPEAKING UP campaign continues.

On Facebook – The boycott logos are available on the Parent at the Helm Facebook page. Folks have been doing two things with these logos. 1. They are writing SPEAKING UP in their status bar, then attaching the logo to that message. 2. They are changing their Facebook profile photo to the logo. In this way, #2 has a more lasting impact that #1.

On Parent at the Helm Blog – The logo appears at the bottom of the front page, along with the html required to place it on your blog or website. The same is also still available at MuseMama.

Copy the code below to your web site.

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One Response to “SPEAKING UP for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves”

  1. Wang says:

    The more I read about this story the more my heart breaks. This is so awful. I just want to cry every time I read something new.

    I am glad more and more people are speaking out about this.

    I just wanted to point everyone to an excellent response to Pearl’s awful “laughter” that Vyckie Garrison at No Longer Quivering has written.

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