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Wednesday May 29th 2024

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SPEAKING UP: Children Trained to Death; Coverage List of To Train Up a Child Connection

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ttuac boycott

Provided in memory of Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz;

Provided in hope that it ends here.


This post is created to collect in one place for your current and future reference evolving coverage of the To Train Up a Child (TTUAC) connection to the deaths of Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz as their parents implemented the “training” set forth by Michael and Debi Pearl. It is also to invited you to participate in and build SPEAKING OUT in response.

I’m sure there are more links out there, so I ask your help. If you find something, please send by e-mail to me the article or post’s title and URL and I’ll add to the list: info at parentatthehelm dot com.


Anne of Muse Mama, in a call to bring back the boycott of TTUAC, created a “button” to spread word of the boycott that ends with, “It’s time to speak up.” She’s right. SPEAKING UP is a response to that rally call.

You can go to Ann’s blog and pick up the html so you, too, may put it on your blog or website. I’m working on making it available on this blog, too.

If you are on Facebook, you can visit Parent at the Helm’s page where the “pictures” are additionally available for you to copy and paste. The Facebook campaign is two-fold:

  1. Place SPEAKING UP in your status. Attach the picture of the “button,” and provide a link or two to coverage of this story.
  2. Replace your profile photo with the boycott button. Step 1 is temporary and will soon scroll off your friends’ screens and out of their minds. If the button comes up with every one of your posts, it serves as a reminder each time.

Please share word of this with the other bloggers, as well as your friends and family; together, we are better able to have this senseless horror stop here.

It appears Barnes & Noble have stopped selling the book. A March 1, 2010 check of shows that not only do they sell the book, they have “Kindled” it. The article referenced below states the Pearls have made $1.8 million – I believe that’s enough.

If you would like to do something else to help, please just let me know.

Coverage List of To Train Up a Child Connection

(In many cases, readers’ comments are enlightening, too.)

Another child’s death linked to Pearls and “To Train Up a Child”

an open letter to my brothers and sisters in Christ who serve in leadership to homeschooling families:

Godly discipline turned deadly A controversial child “training” practice comes under fire — this time from Christians themselves

How many children must die before Mike & Debi Pearl are held accountable?

Bring Back the Boycott!

The Exorcism of Pearl


Christian Families on the Edge: Authoritarianism and Isolation Among Us

DA: Deadly Child Abuse Case Linked To “Biblical Chastisement”

Plea delayed in fatal beating of ridge girl

LYDIA SCHATZ – 7 yo – Oroville CA

Murdering Children into Submission

Who Is Speaking Out Against Abuse?

in which I discuss the unthinkable

No Laughing Matter

To brainwash a parent

The Pearls, abuse and a false gospel

Time to Speak Up, Even if it’s Hard

I am burning all books by the Pearls… and i encourage you to, too!

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