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Monday May 20th 2024

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Muse MamaSpeaking Up
All weekend long I’ve been physically ill and heart broken pondering how I was going to write about this awful topic as I felt I must. I couldn’t have done it more justice than Ann at Muse Mama has – please see her post by simply clicking on the link provided. More in the form of a first-hand account at Beauty for Ashes, and (Today’s News/Christian Views) offers an opinion piece.

Please do what you can to help. Feel free to grab the boycott logo from this page, or get the html at Muse Mama.

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3 Responses to “SPEAKING UP”

  1. chris roberts says:

    has someone called the police and child protective services about these people

  2. The parents (and I use that term loosely) have been arrested. If you use Facebook, please consider getting the "logo" from Muse Mama's blog. Use it as your profile picture, and put out a post for friends with "SPEAKING UP" as your status, accompanied by the logo for others to grab and share. Thank you.

  3. Mary says:

    The Pearls, The Rod and other insanity have been with home schooling for many years. My personal file goes back to the mid 90’s and starts with Teaching Home’s ad for “The Rod“. So this ‘stuff’ has been around for at least 15 years. I do not see how anyone can say they never heard of it. The list of advocates is long and many of the names are familiar to homeschoolers: Pearl, Dobson, Fugate, Ezzo and Whelchel. Even HSLDA published directions on how to physically disciple one’s children so as not to get caught in Court Report. I find it almost impossible to believe those who say they never heard of this stuff.

    And over the years, many have been enraged that the Pearls (and Dobson and Fugate and…) continue their message of abuse and tried to “do something”. It is, apparently, a fool’s errand because here we are again, grieving for another dead child. Despite the well meaning efforts and boycotts, Amazon still sells The Pearls, Dobson, Ezzo and Fugate’s books, as if they are legitimate, helpful, ACCEPTABLE child-rearing methods. I’m sure Lisa Whelchel is still thinking up ways to mentally and physically torture her children and yours for her next book. It’s how she pays her bills. Drop by Amazon and read the reviews of their books; a lot of parents are mimicking them.

    Ask the prosecutors about going after these ‘authors’ and they will tell you it’s a free speech issue. That the Pearls, etc. never actually DID anything to these children.

    Susan Lawrence gave it a good try but has moved on. Her website is still on the net for those who want to learn more about these horrors:

    I have long wondered how these so-called authors can convince mothers to set aside their maternal instinct to protect their children and convince themselves that trying to kill their children is being a good parent. Is it brainwashing? Were the parent’s mentally ill before these authors gave them license? I have no answers, if I did things would have changed years ago. What kind of church puts a premium on how a child behaves over that child’s life? And why are you still going there every Sunday?

    Sadly, I see things changing in the opposite direction. The Parental Rights Amendment would enable parents to abuse their children and call it ‘parental choice’ or ’freedom of religion’ with less threat of prosecution.

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