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Tuesday May 21st 2024

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A Quick Primer on Beginning Homeschooling

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A Quick Primer on Beginning Homeschooling

happy familyThere are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children, either by using the services of a private tutor or teaching their children themselves. The law requires all children to receive a “suitable education”, but this doesn’t mean the national curriculum must be followed. So if a child has problems integrating into normal schools, or has special needs that are perhaps not being catered for in a state classroom, then homeschooling is an option for them, among many others.

While for the child homeschooling may be a welcome relief from the pressure of being in a traditional school, it can be a daunting undertaking for the parent(s). Luckily, there is help out there for parents looking at homeschooling.

What to teach?

This can be the biggest concern, as everyone has areas that they feel more confident talking about than others. Yet with the right tools, parents and children can learn together, so any gaps in the adult’s knowledge are not a problem. Course guides for homeschoolers also provide a way to ensure that the teaching spectrum is broad enough.

Look at course guides provided by the likes of OOL, which provide support from expert tutors should any problems or concerns crop up during the learning process.

How to teach

Homeschooling means that there is much more freedom to structure teaching it a way that suits a child more effectively, be that learning in the afternoon/early evening, or breaking up the sessions more regularly with activities to ensure a short attention span does not hinder progress.

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There is support and advice out there for parents that want to homeschool their children, and is a good example. You’ll find guidance on the law, how to ensure that your curriculum is suitable and advice on entering a homeschooled child into public examinations. Importantly, there are also forums for parents to share their experiences.

Socialization and your child

One important factor to consider when taking your child out of traditional schooling is how to provide opportunities for your son or daughter to mix with peers, as mixing with other children is very important for the development of social skills that will be used throughout a person’s life. Homeschooling parents, therefore, are typically more active in engaging with other parents and initiating some of these interactions. Local youth groups and sports teams can also help.

This guest post is provided as information on homeschooling in collaboration with Oxford Home Schooling.
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