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Friday July 19th 2024

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What If…

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What If…


childrenWhat if we practiced the Golden Rule

with children…all children?

What if adults stopped trying to change each child’s essence to make him fit into a quite confining mold of sameness as all others?

What if our schools actually educated children, instead of programming them?

What if we saved grading for eggs and meat instead of children?

What if we nurtured creativity instead of compliance?

What if we provided children time for exploration instead of textbooks?

What if we believed children have an intrinsic motivation to learn that functions perfectly well if not tampered with?

What if every child knew he rocked his parents’ world?

What if every child heard “yes” more frequently than “no”?

What if every child grew up with respect and consideration?

What if every child received an education that respects and nurtures his unique talents and passions?

What if children were freed from the system’s insane focus and reliance on standardized tests?

What if literature and up-to-date information resources replaced textbooks?

What if children didn’t equate institutional drudgery and boredom with learning?

What if parents and the community had a larger say in classroom activity than the government?

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childrenWhat if we taught children about freedom and peace and a truthful history?

What if we raised children on kindness instead of competition?

What if we listened to what children are thinking about?

What if we answered their questions, instead of asking ours?

What if we replaced punishment with positive reinforcement?

What if adults admitted we don’t know everything?

We, as a society, are not doing these things for our children. Why?

What if it’s all on purpose?

What if…

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