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Friday April 19th 2024

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Is Home Better Than School for My Gifted Child?

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Is Home Better Than School for My Gifted Child?


gifted“Gifted” is a public relations term to make some parents believe the school recognizes talent in some children. It’s self-esteem for parents; it does not benefit children. Gifted does not mean the same thing to a public school person as it does to a parent. To the public school, gifted means smart enough to be put into certain classes to be indoctrinated in ways different from the regular indoctrination. Do not make the mistake of believing that a gifted child is being given fast-track academic courses or advanced courses in these disciplines.

Yes. Home is a better place for almost any child to be education – especially if the school considers the child gifted.

teachersNed Vare, who homeschooled with wife Luz Shosie for eighteen years, enjoyed various occupations, usually with no connection to his “education.” Ned once said, “I consider my schooling (private) and college (Ivy League) a waste of time – an expensive warehousing and even damaging experience because so much of it had to be unlearned, and also because it gav e me an inappropriate or unrealistic world view. Like most people, all my valuable learning was done outside school and after my schooling ended.”

You can read more from Ned and dozens of other experienced homeschoolers in The Homeschooling Book of Answers edited by Linda Dobson.

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