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Sunday August 7th 2022

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On Children Living In Freedom

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Just yesterday, I wrote about parents reclaiming childhood for the children they love.

Just last evening, because friends are soon coming to visit and will whisk away my collection of family photos and momentos to deliver them to my children, I had cause to begin a whirlwind review of the collection. Almost as if to confirm that yesterday’s post needed to be written at just that time, I ran across a beautiful reminder of children living in freedom in action.

It’s dated February 6, a very very cold time in the Adirondack Mountains that all of my children still call home. Otherwise, though, it was one of those beautiful, crisp winter mornings with bright sunshine and freshly fallen snow. To help prepare him for future time in the woods alone, that day my eldest went for a “silent walk” to observe: to look, to listen, to sense, to appreciate, to grow accustomed. Upon his return, he captured the experience on paper which is still in the frame he subsequently made, the one where the wood almost covers the back and that hung in our living room for a long time. The paper and frame will soon return to him; the words will , however, remain behind in my heart.

Beautiful winter day

Silent Walk

I heard the birds singing.

I saw the sun shining in my eyes.

It felt hot.

I heard the tree creaking.

I saw the snow, sparkling like the stars.

I felt kind of grown up.

The cold burned my fingers. My cheeks and my lips were freezing.

I thought about the beautiful sky and how proud I was of walking by myself.

I felt calm inside. It was different than ever before in 7 years.

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