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Sunday January 29th 2023

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If Homeschooling Is So Weird, Why the Passion for It?

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I feel it – passion to the point where after a too-long hiatus I’m re-dedicating my time to spreading the words about homeschooling.

Others feel the passion, too. The number of homeschooling moms willing to devote unpaid time to blogging, leading support groups, holding classes, answering phone calls and more while they’re also homeschooling is mind-blowing. Ditto for the number of practitioners turned homeschooling entrepreneurs. So if homeschooling is so weird, why the passion for it?

Could it be that those who follow their hearts to the homeschooling practice – despite what anybody is doing to dissuade them, which includes generalized pronouncements that it’s weird – discover it’s a very rewarding way to raise children? Yes; it’s so wonderful we don’t care how weird you think we are. And speaking from the experience of friends as well as my own, I think it’s that and much more.

Removing our families from the total control of the school calendar is not only a great way to claim the time required to raise children, at the same time homeschooling gives us the opportunity to make family our top priority. We get to watch our children grow when instead of being locked up in an institution all day, they are out in the world, learning about how life works because they’re included in it.

When homeschooled kiddos have a gift, we the parents get to nurture it! When they are challenged, we know about it and support them until it’s solved; giving up is never an option. We know exactly what our children’s passions are, and we marvel as we water them with resources that lead to mastery.

Witnessing the results of the family lifestyle made possible by homeschooling, we want to share the good news with others. We want the world to know that we’re just plain ol’ ordinary folks and, if we can do it, they can do. Their world will be a much richer place because of homeschooling, and their children will be well-prepared for what lies ahead of them.

Yes, there’s a lot of passion out there for homeschooling – and for very very good reasons.

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