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Friday June 21st 2024

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A Good Education PRESERVES Your Child

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A Good Education PRESERVES Your Child


educationAll too often, when parents think about their children “being educated,” their thoughts travel toward, “Who can best do this thing (education) to my children?” If said parents are thorough and wise, they consider all of the many alternatives available to families today, from homeschooling to boarding school, from public to private schools, tutors, and more.

True Education Preserves the Essence of Your Child

But here’s something this homeschooling parent discovered about thirty years ago. A good education, an education that honors the very meaning of the word – “to bring out that which is within” – has very little, if anything, in common with doing something to or for children, no matter how noble the goal or how much money one chooses to throw at the endeavor. You see, true education starts with and absolutely requires an approach and an environment in which we preserve that which already exists, that which is your child’s essence.

If we were to turn our nation’s educational approach inside-out, we could turn our educational attention where it matters most; honoring uniqueness, encouraging individuality, exploring interests that are, by default, unique and individual, and accepting that this journey provides an education far superior to one standardized for no better reason than to make grading, classifying, and sorting children into future careers as easy as possible.

Homeschooling Is the Only Way to Turn Education Inside-Out

When parents consider the many education alternatives available today, it’s easy to see that homeschooling alone provides the opportunity to turn the educational approach inside-out. None of the other alternatives allow the freedom required to accomplish this.

Without freedom, what is education, anyway? It becomes clearer every day that it’s being used to program children (and their parents) into accepting everything but true education. Childhood is but a brief, passing period of time. It’s up to parents to advocate for them and provide the necessary freedom to set them on a path toward true education, success, and a happy life. Today, more than ever, it’s vital to preserve the person who is your child. Homeschooling is your tool. Use it.

Linda helps homeschoolers. She provides counseling and offers her books for your understanding of homeschooling and education.

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