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Thursday November 23rd 2023

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Art for Kids, House for Cats

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Brought to you by the Springwise Newsletter of Feb. 10, 2010, it’s art for kids, it’s green, and your cat will love it…does it get better than this? (With the exception of dark chocolate, of course.)

Pet products and eco-minded goods are both rapidly growing industries, but it’s not every day we see them intersect. Sure enough, though, California-based InPlay Products offers a line of sustainably made habitats for cats that can be decorated by kids.

Caboodle Habitats for Cats are durable and expandable three-level structures for cats to play, lounge and hide in. Peek-a-boo holes, customizable passageways and contoured grooming edges are all among the features offered by Caboodle structures, which are made of 350 lb. double-wall corrugated cardboard that’s locally manufactured with 40 percent recycled content. Nontoxic soy-based inks are used for printing, and all byproducts from the process—including the inks—are recycled afterwards. Capable of supporting combined weights of more than 65 lbs., Caboodle habitats can be connected to create larger structures; they can also be decorated with markers, pens, pencils and stickers. Currently available online and through independent pet stores nationwide, Caboodle habitats are priced at USD 29.95, including three free corrugated toys.

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