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Friday April 12th 2024

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What Do Homeschooling Parents Do When the Nest Is Empty?

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What Do Homeschooling Parents Do

When the Nest Is Empty?


homeschoolingOver the years I’ve done my best to stay in touch with the many homeschooling moms and dads I’ve have the privilege to meet throughout the years of traveling to homeschooling conferences and working with many of them. I thought it would be fun to go through my Facebook information and share with you some of what I know about what these homeschooling parents are doing now that they have “empty nests.” Since this was a last minute check and I haven’t asked permission of any of them, I won’t include any potentially identifying information about them (which is a shame, because so many are doing really cool things I’d like to shout about if I was a lot more organized these days!).

What Do Homeschooling Parents Do When the Nest Is Empty?


Homeschooling mom – a “buy local” entrepreneur

Homeschooling mom – homeschooling advocate and antiques entrepreneur

Homeschooling dad – freelance copy editor

Homeschooling mom – works as a lifestyle and wellness coach with a weekly radio program

Homeschooling mom – growing a handmade soap business (and they’re GORGEOUS!)

Homeschooling dad – checking into new edition of the resource he used to teach four children how to read – and plans to use the same with the grandkidlets, too

Homeschooling mom – publishes multiple magazines along with book publishing

Homeschooling mom – world travel, gardening and creates beautiful art

Homeschooling mom – owner of travel company arranging tours – for women – in Italy!

Homeschooling mom – successful – and prolific! – science and children’s book author

Homeschooling mom – executive director of a national film academy

Homeschooling mom – newspaper columnist and online writing services for businesses

Homeschooling mom – currently running for State Representative

Homeschooling mom – continuing homeschooling advocacy while homeschooling her grandkidlets!

Homeschooling mom – health and wellness consultant

Homeschooling mom – traveling to photograph pictures included in her books about the state she loves

Homeschooling mom – computer consultant

Homeschooling Prepares Parents for the Future

What do homeschooling parents do when the nest is empty? They use the education they received while learning with their children and go out and do all of the things that please their hearts and souls, possibly activities that were put on hold while their children were front and center!

If you’re currently homeschooling and sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day stuff, hang on to this post for inspiration. If you’re thinking about homeschooling but are afraid you won’t be able to fulfill your dreams, well, the kids grow up in the blink of an eye. And after you’ve received your homeschooled education, you’ll be well prepared to pursue whatever floats your boat, too!

FRIENDS – If you recognize yourself and would like to send me permission to do so, send me your business link and I’ll edit this post to include it!


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