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Saturday July 20th 2024

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If It Snows a Lot, Do Children’s Brains Still Work?

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The Washington Post’s “Answer Sheet” contains a post regarding (what I fondly remember as) those beloved snows days that close schools. It begins thusly:

Kids need work to do at home

I’m not likely to make any friends among kids with this, but teachers should give their students work to do while schools are closed because of   Angry studentthe snow. If teachers can’t find a way to reach their students, it wouldn’t kill parents to make sure their kids pick up a book.

My thought is that Parents at the Helm may find the post – and the resulting comments – rather entertaining and enlightening. Please let us know!

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2 Responses to “If It Snows a Lot, Do Children’s Brains Still Work?”

  1. Taylor says:

    When it snows a lot, it is time to play outside (especially if you live anywhere that snow is not the norm). It is a time to teach kids the importance of slowing down a little, curling up with tea and a good book, and enjoying the weather of the moment.

    As homeschoolers we can take or not take "snow days" when we choose. But even if we still have access to our math and science books, sometimes we (parents & kids alike) just need the magic and wonder of a snow day.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Taylor! The reaction to a few days of closed school doors is predictable, and a sign of the general problem of not discerning the differences between "schooling" and "education."

    Hope you and yours are getting the magic and wonder of snow days, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Best, Linda

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