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Friday May 31st 2024

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The Unschooling Blog Carnival Rolls into Town!

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The Unschooling Blog Carnival Rolls into Town

The Unschooling Blog Carnival is a fun collection of blogposts written by unschoolers around the world. Some are new to unschooling, and some are seasoned veterans. Each month, unschooling bloggers share a glimpse into their world as it relates to a particular theme.

Some of the past Carnival Themes:


All About Animals


Ode to Mom


Summertime Carnival

Sue Patterson and Cydney Romano, longtime unschoolers revived the carnival back in February 2012, with the hopes of strengthening and connecting the online unschooling community. No special requirements are needed to become a Carnival participant – other than being a blogger who wants to share about their unschooled life!

So if you’ve always wondered what unschooling REALLY looks like or you’d simply like to become more connected with other unschoolers online – the Unschooling Blog Carnival is for YOU!

Upcoming Theme

The theme for the next issue is The Best Thing! There’s plenty of time to share what that means in your family – so get blogging! And send a link to your blogpost to Sue and Cydney!

Enjoy the
Unschooling Blog Carnival!


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