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Sunday March 31st 2024

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How to Choose a Music Teacher for Your Homeschooling Children

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How to Choose a Music Teacher for

Your Homeschooling Children

By Gerald Crawford

homeschooling musicChoosing homeschooling can be a decision that parents find very demanding. They find that they are responsible for making sure that their children are provided with the necessary academic and practical lessons to meet the required standards. Lessons can give the children a means of expressing themselves through the use of music. When they are given the chance to learn with a good teacher, they can find the time very enjoyable.

What makes a suitable homeschooling music teacher?

When looking for a music teacher, it is important to consider the needs of your homeschooling child. Take into account the way your child learns and any particular needs that you may have to make the teacher aware of.

Many homeschooling children find they are not able to work with someone who is too strict. It doesn’t make the learning process enjoyable and they don’t make as much progress as they would if they were allowed to learn in a more relaxed way.

Sometimes, a suitable teacher is one that does not do the job full time. You may find that a teacher who works full time at another occupation but plays in a band and teaches music in his or her spare time, offers a more flexible approach.

It is important to employ a music teacher that enjoys the same style of music as your child. The child will find this more enjoyable and will be able to relate better to the teacher.

It can be difficult for the children to know which musical instrument they want to learn when just starting out. For this reason, you may wish to employ a teacher that has experience playing a few different instruments, so that your homeschooling child will have a choice.

Making access to musical instruments easy for homeschooling children

Providing easy access to musical instruments in the home can be a good way to encourage children to play. If it’s a guitar then invest in a guitar stand so that it’s ever-present and always at hand. I play the guitar and learned early on that if it’s stored away in its case I wasn’t inclined to play it as often. I would think to myself, “I fancy a strum,” then I’d say I’ll get it out of the case next time I’m upstairs or I simply could not be bothered to get off my butt to get it.

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Now my guitar sits proudly on its stand and makes a nice feature in the room, and there’s no question that if you really want to teach yourself to play guitar then having it at hand is a big plus. A music teacher can teach your child a lot, but at the end of the day its how much practice he puts in that makes the difference.

So remember, even though at first your child may only play for a few minutes each time, her confidence and ability will start to grow, and the time spent practicing will also increase.

Choose teachers that will encourage your child

Teachers who are just starting out in their teaching career, such as students that have just qualified or are nearly qualified, will be able to offer a fresh approach to teaching.

Your child may relate better to a younger student teacher. They are more likely to share a common interest in music.
Hiring a student teacher may mean that it will not be so expensive. Students will be looking to gain some experience and therefore may offer lower rates.

Set up a skills pool with other homeschooling parents

If you have contact with other parents who provide homeschooling for their children, sharing skills may be an option you would want to consider. There will be some parents with interest and experience in music that will be willing to teach your child. Other parents will be more suitable for helping with academic lessons such as mathematics and literature.

Modern technology can make learning easy in the home

A great tool for finding information for home schooling is the Internet. There are many useful resources that can be found online, from a beginners guitar course to advanced piano lessons or for any type of instrument you can think of, it’s all out there for anyone who wants it.

Teaching others can help with learning

Children will find that talking to others about what they have been learning will help to make what they have learned much clearer. Teaching other children can help with interaction and it can also help to reinforce the lessons they have had.

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