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Thursday February 2nd 2023

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Parent Ideas Forum Currently Focusing on Special Needs

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Thanks to PATH contributor Barb Kelly who got the ball rolling, the PATH page called Parent Ideas Forum (just click on the page link up top!), is deep into discussion on kiddos with special needs. Lots of food for thought, as well as unanswered questions, for example: What about the very real issue of kids’ needs going unmet in government schooling, yet the parents being unable to homeschool? Is local money the answer?

If you have an interest, are curious, or have information to contribute to the forum, please stop by anytime and add your voice to the discussion. If you’d like to begin a conversation on another topic, you can do that, too, and we’ll simply add more pages so everything stays neat and organized. The forum is always open, so stop in frequently and check to see what’s new – together, we are parents helping parents, and that’s a wonderful thing.

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