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Thursday December 13th 2018

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Homeschooling Answers

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Since folks seemed to like the idea, Parent at the Helm is starting “Homeschooling Answers.”

As questions come in, I will post them on the blog, then move them to their very own page (which you’ll be able to find on the top bar of each page). You are cordially invited, welcomed and encouraged to post your own answer to any or all of the questions as they appear. Since homeschooling is such a personal experience, I firmly believe that many answers (even if they contradict each other) are extremely helpful to those parents who are seeking answers, information, and assurance. So please please everyone, pitch in and share your thoughts at Parent at the Helm’s Homeschooling Answers.


Dear Linda,

I live in England and I home educated my two sons for two years and
both returned for High School, mainly as I became concerned that I
couldn’t give them as much of my time now we had a new baby. My eldest
has mild autism, has been bullied, and hates school although he has
made a good friend. My youngest also hates school and cries a lot.
They both talk constantly of the other kids’ bad behaviour, and the
teacher screaming at the class and calling other staff in for back up.
My eldest doesn’t understand what is being taught, although we have
worked hard at English which he is very strong at.

The baby is now two and I’m thinking of returning to home education,
but it all seems a lot more scary now they’re that much older. In my
heart I think it’s right, as there is so much wrong about school, but
will I manage now the dreaded exams are not too far off?

I think I need some words of encouragement as I can see my lovely boys
are changing already, and I don’t want to send my baby down the same

Your thoughts please would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


From Grandma Linda (Dobson)

Hi, N,

Good for you for paying close enough attention to your boys to see that school attendance is changing them. It’s an epidemic reaching crisis proportions.

Your mother instincts are kicking in and speaking to you; we aren’t given the gift of these instincts for nothing. I understand your apprehension about tests, but what good might a wonderful test score be if, in the process, your child’s sense of self is damaged?

Many parents before you have successfully taken children to the point of good test grades. Find these folks and pick their brains, as support via voices of experience is invaluable in this process. Keep moving forward one step at a time, enjoy the journey together as a family, and one day you will have safely reached the destination.

And what a wonderful opportunity for your little one, and for your children to bond in a way that school attendance will probably make impossible.

Talk with folks, read as much as you can, join online support groups, and pick the brains of experienced homeschoolers to help see you through.

Thanks so much for writing,


Do you have advice for “N?” Please leave a comment and share your knowledge! Many thanks to our terrific readers.

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  1. Krystal says:

    I don't have kids that age yet, but I have learned a lot just by regularly reading the Home Scholar blog: She writes specifically to guide parents who are homeschooling through high school.

    Hope she can help you!

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